The Designer

One part his country’s dynamic spirituality and two parts his own wanderlust, Morais traveled the globe as he grew up, in search of comprehension, of meaning and of knowledge. From this international education came a jewelry line rich in inspiration, firmly rooted in many of the world’s respective religions, cultures and landscapes. Fitting for a boy from a town named after London, which also served as an important transport hub in Southern Brazil; crossroads have always been instrumental in Morais’ growth.

Luis Morais Jewelry was officially incorporated in 2002, though it all started in 1998 in Miami Beach, Florida (where the company is still based). Morais saw a bracelet in a magazine that he could not locate to purchase, so he made a variant of it himself – DIY-style. The bracelet garnered enough compliments from friends and family that it warranted reproductions, and thus the line was born. After nearly ten years since the company’s formal inception, Morais’ jewelry still holds that spirit of personality and life; each piece is unique and handmade locally.

Luis Morais pieces are always chic and always fun, but their biology is all fine: white gold, yellow gold, diamonds, gems and even crocodile skin comprise the majority of his designs. With skulls and crosses being a Morais signature, a casual rock-and-roll vibe also permeates his collections (some bracelets even feature recycled vinyl from old records).

Morais’ mission is to provide clients with a unique duality in his designs. He seeks to convey a certain juxtaposition; the rare balance between a playful, lighthearted spirit and a darker, wilder side. The jewelry itself is elegant and humorous, sophisticated and amusing. It references religions and cultures, history and modern day, nature and industry. It’s brilliantly thoughtful, and it’s brilliantly chic.

Luis Morais Jewelry is sold worldwide, from Tokyo to New York to Beirut to Paris. A select group of the world’s leading retail outlets carry the line, including Bergdorf Goodman, Aloha Rag, Colette and the recently launched His jewelry has been featured in leading international publications including Vogue USA, Vogue Hommes, Vogue Russia ELLE, and more.

The company additionally sells independently out of his Miami atelier, where custom sizing, made-to-order pieces, private sales and repairs are handled. We encourage creativity with our clients – mixing, layering, color choice, bead size and more. We are happy to work with you to guarantee your utmost satisfaction regarding your purchase of a unique piece or pieces from Luis Morais Jewelry.

Ultimately, a piece by Luis Morais symbolizes the pinnacle of luxury, inspired by life and its never-ending array of culture and vibrancy. It’s strong, it’s elegant, and most of all, it’s pure fun.