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Why Do We Skull

Why Do We Skull

Carved gemstones, gold, enamel, and diamond, whatever the material may be, skulls are seen throughout the designs of Luis Morais. Luis’ fascination with skulls began at a young age when his father took him to Capela Dos Ossos, a chapel in Evora, Portugal that is entirely decorated with human bones.

Many years later, Luis learned that the bones on the walls of the church symbolize our temporal existence in this plane. It represents the notion that everything passes from this earth and we should live life the best way we can, since we do not know when our time is up.

Luis wears a piece of skull jewelry almost everyday because to him, it is a reminder to be in the present moment. Although he loves them all, his favorite piece of skull jewelry is his gold skull ring with a moving jaw. 

“A lot of people just see evil or death when they see skulls, and I always say, But you are caring one around all the time!”- Luis Morais 

Photo: Luis Morais' favorite skull ring 

*Cover Photo: Capela Dos Ossos in Evora, Portugal (Google Images)


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