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Height Of Summer Neon Spacer Beaded Necklace

$100.00   $80.00

Height of Summer Neon Bracelet Set of Seven

$350.00   $280.00

Antiqued Evil Eye Short Tube on Cord Bracelet


Good Luck Hexagon Bolt Bead on a Cord Bracelet

$596.00   $410.00

Star of David Toggle Clasp Beaded Necklace

$370.00   $285.00

Height of Summer Neon Pink Beaded Necklace with Gold Ball

$200.00   $150.00

Gold Bezel With Turquoise Cabochon On Glass Beaded Bracelet

$242.00   $180.00

Gold Toucan Charm on Beaded Bracelet

$276.00   $198.00

Hexagon Lapis Bolt Beaded Bracelet

$630.00   $440.00

Stargate Symbol Cylinder on a Beaded Bracelet

$290.00   $195.00

Arrow Cone with Diamonds on Beaded Bracelet

$840.00   $630.00

BAE Gold Cube with Ruby on Cord Bracelet

$310.00   $285.00

310 Area Code Gold Cube with Diamond on Cord Bracelet

$440.00   $308.00

Gold Evil Eye Roundel on Beaded Bracelet

$230.00   $161.00

Cross Slim Tube with Rubies on Tiger's Eye Beaded Bracelet

$530.00   $370.00

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