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305 Area Code Gold Cube with Sapphire on Cord Bracelet

$440.00   $308.00

917 Area Code Gold Cube with Ruby on Cord Bracelet

$440.00   $308.00

212 Area Code Gold with Diamond on Cord Bracelet

$440.00   $308.00

Round Torus Knot Ball on Beaded Bracelet

$380.00   $295.00

7 Mini Symbol Oval on a Beaded Bracelet

$210.00   $130.00

Rainbow Sapphire Cylinder on Beaded Bracelet

$646.00   $388.00

GOODBYE Enameled Hexagon Bolt on Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

$514.00   $360.00

Gold Hook Clasp on Hematite Beaded Bracelet

$240.00   $168.00

Enameled Sunburst Hexagon with Black Diamonds on Cord Bracelet

$1,106.00   $774.00

Gold Dice Charm on Glass Beaded Bracelet

$360.00   $216.00

Gold Fly Charm on Glass Beaded Bracelet

$360.00   $216.00

Gold Lozenge with Rubies on Garnet Beaded Bracelet

$600.00   $420.00

White Gold Palm Tree Barrel Beaded Bracelet

$210.00   $168.00

Horseshoe Gold Roundel on Beaded Bracelet

$230.00   $161.00

Third Eye Chakara Bead on an Agate Beaded Bracelet

$540.00   $405.00

White Gold Four Leaf Clover Geo Bead on Cord Bracelet

$400.00   $300.00

Enameled Gold Multi Half-Skull Hoop Earring

$1,060.00   $636.00

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