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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I care for LUIS MORAIS Jewelry?
Jewelry is the last thing that is put on before heading out and the first thing taken-off when arriving home. Following this simple rule will preserve the look and grant longevity of the fine pieces. Water is not the enemy but the chemicals in the water are. They can dry natural materials by removing their natural oils and finishes. Chlorines, Sulfates and Lyes have been known to strip leathers and wood, tarnish and slowly eat gold. 
    • How should I store my LUIS MORAIS jewelery?

    We recommend that you keep the jewelry in a pouch or a jewelry box to avoid any damage to the piece.

    • What happens if the bracelet gets looser over time?

    If you find that your bracelet is becoming looser, you can ship it back to us and we will restring the bracelet for you. We recommend that you restring your bracelet every year or so in order to preserve the look of each piece. If you would like to find out about restringing your bracelet, please send an email to or call 305-695-2830. 

    • What should I do if the jewelry piece breaks?

    The LUIS MORAIS line is designed to meet high standards, so from time to time repairs are needed. For information regarding repairs please send an email to

    • What size am I?

    For bracelets, we have three sizes. Women's standard size is 6.5 inches, which is the measurement of the circumference around the wrist. Men's standard size is 7.5 inches around the wrist. The men's larger size is 8 inches around the wrist. 

    Rings are measured in standard ring size. Our selection ranges from sizes 5 - 12.

    • What if I don't see my size?

    If you require a size that is not available in the options provided, please indicate your preferred size in the designated comment box during checkout or reach out to our customer service team once you've placed your order.

    • Can I return an item on sale for store credit?

    All sale items are final sale. They cannot be exchanged or returned for store credit.


     More questions? Email us at 

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